The Swan of Avon Lodge, No. 2133 - Stratford-upon-Avon

Lodge Niederrhein 892 visit in June 2015

Dear Brethren


Lodge Niederrhein Installation 6 June, 2015 Holiday Inn Ratingen Dusseldorf


As a non- resident but Past Master of Lodge Niederrhein, please find my newsletter review of the wonderful Installation and Gala Evening we attended last week.


Brethren, it was a great Saturday.  I would like to congratulate, W Bro Andy Gardiner for the manner in which he carried out his duties, as Installing Master, and all the brethren who carried out their duties in the Temple. And now we have W Bro Jim Lutton as Master for the second time .10 years since I installed him in 2005. Indeed the wonderful organisational skills of Jim were in evidence from start to finish. Not only is he now the Worshipful Master but he virtually carried out all the organising of the weekend activities on his own.


There were around 70 brethren at the Meeting (including 20 residents and 12 non-resident members) and 106 brethren and their ladies attended the Gala evening and Festive Board There were less non-resident members than normal because some were involved in other masonic duties. Among the visitors there were brethren from our Sister German Lodges and 10 from Swan of Avon Lodge in Stratford upon Avon accompanied by their ladies. As their Reigning Master it was my pleasure to present Worshipful Brother Jim with a Travelling Tankard full of Stratford Purity Beer with the aim that it will travel to Stratford upon Avon in February 2016 full of Dusseldorf Alt.


The evening before many of the visitors and their ladies had been hosted by the Worshipful Master and his brethren to an Informal buffet. During the meeting the ladies all went on a Boat trip down the Rhine, followed by coffee and cake at the Dusseldorf tower before returning to the Holiday Inn.


We were honoured by the presence of the Grand Master, MW Bro Bill Beardmore supported by his Deputy Grand Master RW Bro Glyn Edmonds accompanied by two Past Grand Masters and a plethora of Grand Lodge Officers of our Grand Lodge and we were graced by a number of Grand Lodge Officers and Provincial Grand Lodge Officers from England and Canada.


The Installation itself had many highlights including the presentation of the Working Tools with typical Lodge Niederrhein style. Well done Siegfried Vallei, (Inner Workings), German Ramirez, (3rd) Ulrich Windrath (2nd). But in particular, the superb presentation in the First Degree by an Entered Apprentice Brother Emanuele Pintor who had only been initiated the previous month.


This Installation meeting was a celebration of the 50 years since the Consecration of the Lodge which is why there was the unusual event of having a White table Festive Board and Ladies Gala Evening. I had compiled a 50 years history book-which was distributed to brethren at the meeting.

The Gala meal was superb as was the live music and substantial money was raised for the WM Charity by way of a raffle. Yet again RW Bro Glyn Edmonds’ singing of the Masters song was perfect and brings every Master close to tears-, this year was certainly no exception.


Worshipful Brother Jim, as WM, gave the Toast to the Ladies and Sabine Lutton gave a superb response. An excellent Toast to the Visitors was ably given by the JW Brother John Thompson. Responses included one from Worshipful Brother David Newall from Swan of Avon in style...


The GM expressed his appreciation for the week-end and thanked Niederrhein for its strength, support and loyalty to the United Grand Lodges of Germany and the Grand Lodge of British Freemasons in Germany.


Lodge Niederrhein Brethren come originally from 15 different countries. Members and visitors had travelled from the UK, Canada, Italy, Greece, and different parts of Germany to be present


Worshipful Brother Jim and Brethren all, I thank you.


Kind regards

Sincerely and fraternally

David Stevens PJGW (GLBFG)

PM Lodge Niederrhein

Reigning Master Swan of Avon Lodge No 2133 EC